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Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

Tired of learning songs just by listening to it? Want to learn how to read notes? A note tells you the relative duration and pitch of a sound. It is important to learn both for you to be able to play music correctly.  Let's start off with the duration or rhythm of a note. I have a perfect app for you. "Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer" is a good app for starters. It trains you to read the value of a note. How long you should play it, when to stop, etc..

The app consists of a metronome and notes to play. You can adjust the difficulty, options, sounds that will help you more on your training. The metronome is spot on and your job is to tap the rhythms you see to the beat.  The app detects how close you were to being on and gives you a score at the end of the exercise.  It is really easy to change the tempo by just sliding the metal bar up and down on the classical metronome.  You can change the tones of the drum you tap and it even has the ability to change for those who are left-handed !