3D Guitar Pickups

Natural Stereo & Natural Mono - A new 12 coil pickup technology

Regular mono pickup coil positions only reads the Y axis of the string movement.
3Dxy technology uses 12 coils to read 6 strings, and read both axis (X and Y), that means vertical and horizontal string movement.
In 3Dxy system each string has two coils. Both coils make a 90ยบ angle, and read the string position in the space. Each coil reads a different signal but complementary. When we hear both signals in a stereo sound system it produces a natural surround sensation 3D.
This is what we call "natural stereo".

 The 3Dxy natural mono is produced by adding both L and R channels resulting from a 3Dxy natural stereo pickup.

The resulting natural mono signal has all the details of the 3Dxy natural stereo, but we loose the surround 3D feature.

We can say that natural mono is more rich than traditional mono, because now we have complete string vibration information (X and Y axis).
The 3Dxy pickups output level and sensibility is grater than old mono pickups. This is because 3Dxy pickups have more spins in a grater number of coils (two in one string).
3Dxy pickups offer beter harmonics and larger decay. This was one of the sweet things that we discovered. There is no difference with an acoustic harmonic. And that is possible because we read both axis (X and Y) in two separated coils. Another reason to call it natural stereo and natural mono, even natural harmonics.
Here's a close up view of the pickups in action: